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Welcome to Bates Advanced Driving

“We strive to raise awareness for drivers of all ages”

-Rick Bates

Bates Advanced Driving is owned and operated by Rick Bates. Rick has extensive experience in the driver training field and is well known for his successes in rallying and circuit racing. Rick and his team of experienced trainers offer courses run at the driver training centre near Queanbeyan for defensive driving and skidpan training.


People who want to update their skills, people adapting to a new car, P-Plate drivers and senior citizens wanting to refresh their driving skills... For drivers of all ages!


Drive your own vehicle on our Skidpan course, Skidpans are designed so drivers can develop cornering skills and learn skid control.


For more than a decade, Rick has assisted companies such as Lexus, Toyota and Mazda in the launch of many of their key models, including Camry and Hilux.


Rick’s skills as a precision driver have been utilised by many car manufacturers over the years, to include over 120 TV commercials.

Bates Advanced Driver Training
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