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About Rick Bates

Company Profile

Bates Advanced Driving is a company offering courses in defensive, skidpan, high performance and rally driver training. We also provide precision driving services for production & event companies and work with manufacturers on new vehicle launches. Bates Advanced Driving provides driver training expertise to a huge range of people on an International, National and local scale for defensive driving, advanced driving, rally driving and race driving.

Vehicle Launches

For more than a decade, Rick has assisted companies such as Lexus, Toyota and Mazda in the launch of many of their key models, including Camry, Hilux, GS300, GS430 and the RX8. Rick and his team have traveled around Australia and overseas, designing, building and overseeing programs to showcase many new manufacturer vehicles.

• Toyota’s National Dealer Launches
• Toyota TRD Aurion & HiLux Launch / Drive Days
• Founding director of Toyota HiLux Heros precision drive team.
• Mazda Performance Range
• 200 series Landcruiser / Prado / Camry Hybrid for Toyota
• Sydney and Melbourne International Motor Shows.
• Hilux Dealer Launch, Thailand and Tahiti.
• Lexus Driver Training, Singapore
• Nissan National Dealer Launch
• Hyundai

Rick works closely with manufacturers and event companies, designing courses which will particularly showcase both the new and improved features of a vehicle. Rick has extensive experience with new vehicle launches and precision driving services for production companies.

4WD Programs/Training

Rick has organised and run activities ranging from drive days on race tracks, on-road drive programs and also 4WD drive programs. The 4WD programs have been conducted on both man-made tracks and natural environment tracks. The drive programs cater for both small groups of people through to large gatherings of dealer, media and client days. A recent program involved Rick’s team traveling to the North Coast of NSW to train contract drivers for the Leighton’s Company. Rick has a reliable network of professional drivers and instructors for large drive days or programs.

Precision Driving

Rick provides precision driving services for many television commercials for companies such as Toyota, Aston Martin, Telstra, Honda, VW Golf, Nissan and KFC. He has recently appeared in commercials such as the Toyota Hilux Black Betty and Goodyear ads. He has provided precision driving for television programs and video shoots such as Escape with ET, Network Ten’s RPM and lends his expertise as a driver/motoring critic for the Motoring Magazine’s annual “Bang for Bucks” feature.


People who want to update their skills, people adapting to a new car, P-Plate drivers and senior citizens wanting to refresh their driving skills... For drivers of all ages!


Drive your own vehicle on our Skidpan course, Skidpans are designed so drivers can develop cornering skills and learn skid control.


For more than a decade, Rick has assisted companies such as Lexus, Toyota and Mazda in the launch of many of their key models, including Camry and Hilux.


Rick’s skills as a precision driver have been utilised by many car manufacturers over the years, to include over 120 TV commercials.

Bates Advanced Driver Training
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